All Shore Jazz Bands

COVID-19 Update

January 13, 2021

Jazz Band Auditions on Tuesday, January 18 will be in-person.  There is no virtual audition option.  Auditions will be held at Holmdel High School and begin at 6PM. Registration closes at 7:00PM. While in Holmdel High School, everyone must be masked unless they are in the process of playing a wind instrument. Wind players must also use a bell cover for their instrument at all times.


The ASBDA Executive Board

Welcome to the 2021 ASBDA Jazz Band Audition 


Please take a few minutes and view the above introductory video, created by ASBDA president, Mr. Orecchio, before traveling to the main Jazz Band webpage. There are a few items that have had to be adjusted due to the current climate and we would like you to be as informed as possible before starting the audition process.  

Due to the current pandemic, the All Shore Band Directors Association has instituted the COVID Mitigation Plan listed below.  This plan follows the guidelines of ArtsEd NJ (  which "has been developed based on the policies, guidance, research and recommendations available as of this date."


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Facemasks must be worn by all participants in public spaces.

  • Wind players (except flutes) will be required to use bell covers for auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Facemasks may only be removed while playing. 

  • If a mute is called for in the music, the performer may remove the bell cover for that song to facilitate the use of the mute. The bell cover must be replaced as soon as possible.

  • Percussion, piano, harp, and strings will be required to wear masks while playing during auditions, rehearsals, and performances.

  • It will be the student’s responsibility to have a proper fitting bell cover and a mask for every event.  Masks and bell covers will not be provided by All Shore Band Directors Association.  If a student does not have a mask and bell cover, he or she WILL NOT be permitted at the event, and it will be treated as an absence.  If it happens a second time, the student will be removed from the group and lose the ability to audition for a period of twelve months.


Parental Involvement:

  • Parents attending auditions will not be permitted into the warm-up rooms or in the lobby area once their student is registered. There may be a designated room parents may wait in for their child(ren) until his or her audition has concluded.

  • Parents are not permitted in the building during rehearsals.


Concerts and Tickets

  • Since restrictions may change through the fall and winter, specific guidelines for ticketing and concert seating will be available at a later point.



  • In keeping with our attendance policy, any student missing multiple rehearsals, the first rehearsal, or a dress rehearsal, will be excused from the group and not permitted to audition for any All Shore ensemble for twelve months.  

  • If at any point following auditions, a student is told he or she must quarantine from school, his or her All Shore experience will end.  However, in this situation a student will be eligible to audition for ensembles in the next year.

  • If at any point from the audition day until ten days after the concert, a student tests positive for COVID-19, he or she, and his or her director, MUST inform the All Shore Band Directors Association via email (  If the ASBDA is not notified, that student may lose the ability to audition for a period of twelve months.

All Shore Band Director's Association

COVID Mitigation Plan for All Ensembles

Thanks for your interest in this ensemble and best of luck in your preparation and audition process.  

As always, reach out to your home school Band Director with any questions you might have.