All Shore Symphonic Band

2019 ASBDA Symphonic Band under the direction of Dr. Christopher Heffner​

All Shore Symphonic Band

Audition Information


To be eligible to audition for the All Shore Symphonic Band, you must be a student at an affiliated school. In addition, you must be sponsored by your band director.  Only a member-band director can sponsor a student for this ensemble.  You must be a member of your school's symphonic band and remain as such throughout your All Shore experience.

Vocational Students who attend schools without music programs may only be sponsored by their home public school's band director after fulfilling that music program's membership requirements.

Before you decide to audition, you must make sure that you are able to attend all rehearsals and performances. Please review the calendar to see rehearsal and concert dates. Medically documented illness and performance in YOUR school's Symphonic Band are the only acceptable absences. Any other absence will result in expulsion from the group.



Attendance Policy

  1. Students shall attend all rehearsals, unless an excuse is necessitated by: accident, death in the family, or performing, on an instrument, in a performance by their school's Jazz Band or an NJMEA sponsored instrumental activity.

  2. Any unexcused absence or more than one excused absence shall result in the student being dropped from the band.  

  3. A student who fails to attend EITHER the first rehearsal or submit recordings, as scheduled throughout the experience, will be dismissed from the band.  

  4. If ill, Medical Documentation of the absence is required (doctor/school nurse note) prior to the next rehearsal or the student will be dropped from the band.  Students should email the documentation to  

  5. If an absence is required due to a performance, on their instrument, by their school's Jazz Band or an NJMEA sponsored instrumental activity, documentation of the performance (either sponsoring Band Director letter or Director communication with All Shore Executive Board prior to first rehearsal) is required or the student will be dropped from the band.  

  6. Perfect attendance is required, to be considered for solos.

  7. Tardy Policy

    • Tardy is arriving or logging in 20 minutes or later beyond the scheduled start time.

    • Upon 2 tardies, a student MAY be dismissed. 

    • 2 tardies will count as an absence. 

    • Upon the 3rd tardy, the student WILL be dismissed.

  8. A student dropped from the band, other than for approved excused reason, shall be ineligible to audition for any All Shore honors band for a period of twelve months. 

Performance Attire Policy

  1. All black or white tops and black bottoms, dark tie and/or sports jacket or suit.

  2. Skirts must reach below the knee when seated

  3. No backless clothing

  4. No stiletto heels

  5. No heavy perfumes or colognes

  6. No distracting jewelry

All Shore Symphonic Band



Registration Opens



Application Postmark Deadline



LATE Postmark Deadline



Student Audition Upload

6:00am - 11:59pm



Director Meeting and Auditions

4:30pm - 8:30pm




6:00pm - 8:30pm




6:00pm - 8:30pm




6:00pm - 8:30pm




6:00pm - 8:30pm




6:00pm - 8:30pm



Final Recording Upload

Important Links for the 2021 All Shore Symphonic Band

ASBDA Symphonic Band Registration Fee

Auditionees must complete and submit the Registration Fee AFTER completing the below Registration Form.  Please see home school Band Director with questions about this process.

Flip Grid - to record audition video

Audition number and join code will be distributed to auditionees once all registrations have been processed 

Smart Music -  used for all accepted ASBDA accepted Jazz members

Log in Information will be provided at the conclusion of the audition process by your home school Band Director

Audition Requirements

  • Scales/Rudiments (all scales must be memorized)

    • 2 major scales

    • 1 chromatic scale 

  • All or an excerpt from the NJMEA All State Band Solo List - see webpage

    • Please note that all auditioning students must present an original copy of the solo in the audition room.  Photocopies without an accompanying original will not be accepted for Symphonic Band auditions.

  • A Sight-Reading Audition

    • For 2021 audition only

​  24-hour Etude - All students will perform an etude that is posted on the All Shore website 24 hours before the audition window opens. Students must perform this as part of their audition, in lieu of sight-reading.


A student who does not complete all three portions of the audition will be deemed unacceptable.  


Wind/Mallet Percussion Scales

additional information


  • The minimum tempo is 120 bpm per quarter note for all scales. 

  • Woodwinds, Brass (please note the recently updated TC Euph requirements), and Mallet Percussion will perform the following major scales: 

Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, E 

(these refer to PRINTED pitches, not concert pitches)


  • In the interest of fairness, the Treble Clef Euphonium will prepare the following scales:

    • Bb, F, C, G, D, A, E, B, F#

    • These scales are consistent with what the concert pitch Euphonium players are preparing. All Euphonium players will be preparing the same fingering pattern and range in relation the concert pitch requirements. At auditions both Concert Pitch and Treble Clef Euphoniums will be asked the same scale based on concert pitch. For Example - F major for concert pitch Euph or G major B-flat treble clef Euph.

  • Major scales will be performed as a quarter note followed by 6 eighth notes, tongued, in even octaves, within ranges recommended by NJMEA.  

  • A slurred chromatic scale will be performed, as sixteenth notes within NJMEA recommended ranges.  Below are the two possible starting pitches for each instrument. Except where indicated, the pitches refer to PRINTED pitches.


Flute/Piccolo: D, F
Oboe: C, F
Bassoon: Bb, F
Bb Clarinet: F, G
All Saxes: C, D
Mallets: C, F

Snare/Traps Candidates

additional information

  • NJMEA Snare Solo - see webpage

  • NJMEA Keyboard Etude - see webpage

  • NJMEA "Traps Percussion Audition Studies" - see webpage

  • NJMEA Snare Rudiments Sheet "snare rudiments" - see webpage

    • Students will play one rudiment from each of the Three Categories

      • Category A - a crush/buzz roll. All candidates will play this.

      • Category B - roll rudiments that include: Single Stroke, 4 stroke ruff, 5 stroke, 7 stroke or 9 stroke. 

      • Judges will select one from Category C or D: flam, drag and paradiddle rudiments. (Flam, Flam Tap, Flamacue, Flam Accent/Swiss Army Triplet (the sticking for the “flam triplet is at the discretion of the performer), Drag, Lesson 25, Single Ratamacue, or Single Paradiddle.

  • Sightreading Audition

Timpani Candidates

additional information

  • NJMEA Timpani Solo - see webpage

  • NJMEA "Timpani Audition Study" (in lieu of scales) - see webpage

  • Sightreading Audition


Students and parents will direct all questions, regarding auditions, to their sponsoring director. 

Before clicking on the link, please read all above information.

In addition, please make sure you have the school director's code from your school's band director.

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