All Shore Symphonic Band

Welcome to the 2021 ASBDA Virtual Symphonic Band Audition 


First, thank you so much for auditioning for the All Shore Symphonic Band.  Please take time to watch the first video (explains the audition process in regards to navigating Flip Grid) and, if you are a Battery Percussionist, please view the second video as well.  These videos were created by ASBDA symphonic band audition chair, Mr. Hecht, and JMHS Band Director, Eric Ficarra.  Insure that you watch the entire videos before starting to record your audition materials.  If you do not follow all of the necessary steps, your audition has the potential of being deemed invalid.  

Thanks for your interest in this ensemble and best of luck in the audition process.  

As always, reach out to your home school Band Director with any questions you might have.